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    The Art of the Carbonaro [04/9/2007]
    - Sinopse:
    The forests of Belize yield an array of products to fill the need of men and women both within the country and throughout the world; raw materials for construction, carving, food, fuel, industry and medicine. Some of these products can be used directly as they come from the forest (fruits, nuts, bamboo, fuel wood). Others must be processed by sawing, finishing or milling as in the case of lumber, furniture and chicle. The collection of each raw material and its preparation into a final product requires a special skill. The wood cutter, shipwright and furniture maker all work with the same raw material, lumber, but each uses special skill to fashon that lumber into a different product unique to his trade. Every trade has its skill, indeed an art that varies in its degree of precision and in the amount of time required to master it. One of the finest and most complex of these skills is that of the Carbonaro, the charcoal-maker; who is, just as the work "carbonaro" implies, a maker of carbon. His trade involves using fire to change wood, especially hardwood into charcoal.
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