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    Forestry in Belize, Part I:Beginnings of Modern Forestry and Agriculture, 1921 to 1954 [05/9/2007]
    - Sinopse:
    Lumbering is the oldest industry in Belize. It began with the logwood (Haematoxlon campechianum) cutters of the mid-1600's but latter shifted emphasis to mahogany (Swietenia, Carapa and Tapirira species). Still later cedar (Cedrella mexicana) and pine (Pinus species) took on important but secondary status to mahogany. The rapid growth and regeneration of most wood species (as measured in their life cycles), coupled with a sparce population of people in Belize throughout its history, allowed lumbering to develop as the dominant industry with little concern for formal intensive forest management. It was an industry requiring a rather minimal capital investment yet turning out large volumes of raw and milled lumber for foreign and domestic markets.
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