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    Permutation of ground state phylloid buds and flowers from a paleobotanically reverted recombinant of psophocarpus [15/10/2012]
    - Sinopse:
     Paleochronic (anachronic) reversion is an atavism (transition) of angiosperm flowers, a transmutation that nullifies the sexual reproductive dynamic reducing the reproductive system to a phylloid state. This seldom remains stable as a permutative stage usually follows spatially transforming anatomic zones (i.e. whorls and bracts), regions within zones (e.g. floral whorls), or even sites within regions (e.g. carpel components). Permutation can be augmented, accompanied or followed by vascularization, deadnation and/or spiralling in a scenario of transformations. This research focused on 51 reverted floral specimens from a reverted recombinant of Psophocarpus tetragonolobus. The recombinant, verified phenotypically as homozygous recessive for a master homeotic gene (srs) responsible for this reversion, was also dominant for four major “reversion dependent genes”. Transition presented (in planta) the two stages characteristic of paleochronic reversion; transmutation and permutation. A general chronology for floral permutation occurred. Parallel and tangent carpel clefts underwent distancing of central portions of these clefts by means of a “webbing” function. Decompression permutation occurred at the inter-zonal (i.e. pericladial stalk), inter-regional (i.e. inter-bracts stem) and inter-whorl (e.g. gynophore and/or cupule-like structure) anatomic levels. Spiralling of carpels frequently occurred as did vascularization and deadnation of carpels to a lesser extent. The order of events presented a sequence that was “paleoanachronic”; a development of anachronic characteristics whose succession was variable yet significantly ordered.
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